This page displays my creation that I have either created specifically for Pathfinder, or have updated from my previous D&D materials to be more Pathfinder-like.

Interesting Concepts

Soul Eater PF - (IP) - Soul Eater-like rules for the Pathfinder system.
Pantheon of Over There - (C?) - An ancient Pantheon of gods, said to have recreated the multiverse after it almost collapsed into nothingness.
Spirit Items - (C) - A rewrite of the Possessed Blades idea for Pathfinder.
The Power of Spiral - (IP) - An attempt to give more reason to the rhyme that is Spiral Power
Spellcasting and other Powers Rework - (NS) - A different system of spellcasting (and other stuff) inspired by Words of Power, and Skill-based Psionics (as above)

Character Traits - (NS)
New Spells and other expended powers - (IP) - Arcane and Divine spells, Psionic Powers, Extracts, etc
Class Powers - (IP) - Rage powers, Alchemic Discoveries, Sorcerous Bloodlines, and other such things

Comprehensive Feat List
General Feats - (IP) - Feats that don't fit in anywhere else.


Moogle - (C) - Small fuzzy fey with tiny bat-like wings that have a penchant for artifice.
Satyr - (NS) - A fey humanoid with goat like features.
Jaegerkin - (NS) - A orc subrace bred to the the best warriors. Unfortunately they are obsessed with hats.
Jurai - (NS) - A psionic elven race that binds their being to trees similar to dryads.

Planeswalker - (NS) - Beings gifted with the natural ability to planeshift, who gain even greater power through the effects it creates.

PF Symbiont Subtype - (C) - Pathfinderized Symbiont rules. Includes example symbionts.
Psyberies - (IP) - Incorporeal Psionic Fey Symbionts.
Dragon's Third Eye - (NS) - Symbiont of arcane power.
PF Mecha Subtype - (NS) - Mecha subtype rules. Includes example mecha.
Oversoul Weapon Template - (NS) - A Ghost of a Demon Weapon

Base Classes, Archetypes, Alternates, and Prestige Classes

Base Classes
Warlock - (C) - A version of the 3.5 D&D Warlock made for Pathfinder. Warlock Archetypes - Dragonfire Adept, Craft User, Pact Binder
Magical Girl - (IP) - A champion of all that is sweet, cute, and good...maybe. Magical Girl Archetypes - Fusion Dancer, Multi-Patronist, Chosen of Fate

Alternate Classes
Artificer - (NS) - Alternate class for the Alchemist. A master of creating and exploiting magic items.
Imagineer - (NS) - Alternate class for the Summoner. A summoner that uses the power of his mind and ectoplasm rather than mutable outsiders.

Alchemist Archetypes - Discoveries -
Barbarian Archetypes - Rage Powers - Brobarian,
Bard Archetypes - Masterpieces - Soul Conductor (IP), Hipster (NS)
Cavalier Archetypes - Orders -
Cleric Archetypes - Domains - Reliquary, Cleric of the Fold
Druid Archetypes - ? - Feral Weapon (NS)
Fighter Archetypes - Combat Feats - Meister (C), Soul Weapon (C), Spiral Warrior (IP)
Gunslinger Archetypes - Deeds - Sniper, Hobo, Wanted by Fate
Inquisitor Archetypes - Inquisitions - Evangelist, Man in Black
Magus Archetypes - Arcana - Dark Lord's Blade (IP)
Monk Archetypes - Style Feats - Elemental Bender (IP), Gun Fu Monk (C), Oversoul Fist (IP), Monk of Kung Pao (NS)
Oracle Archetypes - Mysteries -
Paladin Archetypes - Mercies - Makai Knight (IP), Valkyrie (NS), Soul Warden (NS), Aqua Marine (NS), Frozen Justicar (NS)
Psion Archetypes - Disciplines -
Psychic Warrior - Paths - Blademantle Scion
Ranger Archetypes - ? - Hylian Sword-master (IP), Bowsinger (IP)
Rogue Archetypes - Tricks - Debbie,
Sorcerer Archetypes - Bloodlines -
Soulknife Archetypes - Blade Skills - Lighthawk Scion (C)
Summoner Archetypes - Evolutions - Monster Binder (C), Ontogenesist (IP), Elemental Furycrafter (IP)
Wilder Archetypes - Surges -
Witch Archetypes - Hexes - Hexgunner (IP), Heteroclite (NS)
Wizard Archetypes - Discoveries -

Prestige Classes
Disciple of the Voidvault - (IP) - A follower of Bob, who learns the ways and intricacies of the Voidvault.
Valkyrie of the Spiral Wind Dancer - (NS) - A follower of '@~Kylianee, they are dervishes of wind.
Warrior of the Spiral Flame King - (NS) - A follower of Cam Rin, whose drills do not break the heavens, but other people.
Nomad of the Traveling Reaper - (C) - A follower of B'li, wanderers who preform death rites for those who want them, and those who need them.
Jade Hands of Deception - (IP) - A follower of Rodwen, sneaky warriors who like to get the drop on people.
Peon of Ham and Swiss - (NS) - A follower of Yarn Ferret, master transmogrifists who combine multiple forms into one.
Spiral Knight - (NS) - A proud wielder of spiral power, unparalleled in his control of the force of progress.
Armationem Zealot - (NS) - A specialist of the Spell Armament spell.


New Item Materials - New special materials items can be made from, such as soul metal.
New Mundane and Alchemical Items - New mundane weapons, tools, supplies, alchemical creations, and other items not using magic.
New Weapons and related materials - New Weapons, enhancements, and special weapons.
New Armors and related materials - New Armor types, enhancements, and special armors.
New Wondrous and other Magic Items - New Wondrous Items, and other types (like rings an rods).
New Artifacts - New Artifacts
New Cursed Items - Self explanatory, yes?


Random Character Experiments
Twitch - Poison Rat FTW!
Beatrix - Pathfinderized version of Beatrix
Stark - various builds for Iron Man
Hulk - Barb/alch build for ultimate stranth
The Captain - Shield powers woo
Zy'Ali'Rail - spike chain guy
Merp - grippli ninja/sorcerer, delivers devastating tongue touches