This page displays my Dungeons and Dragons creations (and possibly some of those of my friends). Those marked with (IP) are in progress, either as unfinished pages or ideas written in a notebook. Those marked with (NS) have not been started, but their idea has been come up with. Those marked with a (C) are complete to a point that they can be used (but all things can still be tweaked).

Also,one of my good friend's D&D things may be found here.
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Things that need to be done to finish things, here.


Etheria: The world of Dreams (3.5 and Pathfinder, on haitus & being reworked)
The Grand Library: Worlds within Books (3.5 edition, on hiatus)
Sharn 1028: The world of Eberron 30 years in the future (3.5 and Pathfinder combination, being worked on)

Interesting Concepts

Soul Eater D&D - (IP) - Soul Eater for the realm of D&D. Soul Eater PF
Advanced Psicrystals - (IP) - For those of you that want something that is more than just a chunk of crystal.
Spirit Binding Seals - (C) - A way to give characters bloodlines without the ancestry, and more interesting interactions.
Ninjutsu Feats - (IP) - For Ninja's who want to do something more with their Ki than just turn invisible.
General Feats - (IP) - For feats that don't quite fit anywhere else.
New Martial Adept Schools - (IP) - For use with the rurouni, and possibly other martial adept classes.
New Spells/Powers/Soulmelds/etc - (IP) - New random things that fit into the class spell-like ability description.
Tattoo Magic - (IP) - Magical effects based off of complex tattoos.
Possessed Blades - (IP) - Weapons possessed by a lonely spirit, granting powers to those who don't discard them. A Union and replacement of the Intelligent Item and Legacy Item rules.

Spell Tree System - (IP) - New system of learning spells.
Personal Eidolon System - (IP) - DM created personal summons for characters.
Skill-based Psionics System - (NS) - A system for psionics that uses skills rather than power points.


Race Template
Xairs - (C) - an evolved subrace of Xephs
Calmforged - (IP) - A subrace of the warforged created many years later, they are the perfection of the warforged design. (based off of Reploids)
Moogle - (IP) - Weird small creatures that love tinkering.
Viera - (IP) - Tall beautiful rabbit women with a deep connection to the woods.
Bangaa - (IP) - Gruff lizardmen built for fighting.
Time Lords - (IP) - A supposedly extinct race of beings that regulate time.
Ascendant Wolves - (IP) - Highly intelligent race of wolves that disguise themselves as humanoids. (based off of Wolf's Rain)
Na'Vi - (NS) - A race of nimble giants greatly connected to the natural world.
Gelfling - (NS) - A subrace of halflings touched by faerie kind.
Jagerkin - (NS) - A race of fighting fanatics.
Ronso - (NS) - A race of blue Leonine people. (Info here)

Demon Weapon - (C) - A template that can be added to most anything with a soul
Torch - (C) - A temporary being created from the remains of someone wiped from existence.

Monster Template
Disco Golem - (NS) - It's exactly what the name suggests.
Prismacorn - (C) - A metallic unicorn that emanates rainbow colored energy.
Psyberie - (IP) - Fey-like tiny constructs that help those they consider masters.
Legendary Elemental Birds - (NS) - Great birds tied to a particular element.

Classes and Prestige Classes

Base Class Template
Prestige Class Template

Base Classes
Craft Adept - (C) - a Witch Hunter Robin inspired alternative to the warlock
Meister of Shinigami - (C) - Those who wield demon weapons for the master of Death.
Imagineer - (IP) - Who doesn't want a imaginary friend who's real?
Rurouni - (IP) - What we all wish the samurai was. Uses Martial Adept rules.
Magical Girl - (IP) - Fabled protectors of all that is good!
SpellTech - (C) - A spellcaster that uses the Spell Tree System.

Melee Prestige Classes
Earth Bender - (C) - An Avatar inspired monk prestige class
Phoenician Battle Maiden - (C) - Warrior maidens chosen to be the envoy's and protectors of Phoenix's (partly inspired by Shakugan no Shana)
Master Swordsmith - (C) - A weaponsmith who fights with his swords just as well as he makes them.
Focused Warrior - (C) - A warrior opposite of a barbarian, who focuses his will intensely instead of abandoning himself to emotion.
Hylian Swordmaster - (C) - Green tuniced sword wielding hero of legend. Duh, you know what this is. (Inspired by all Legend of Zeldas)
Gerudo Thief-King - (IP) - Dark sorcerous king of a tribe of desert theives. Also Duh, a monk/warlock combo. (Inspired by all Legend of Zeldas)
Schwert-forged - (IP) - Warforged that devote everything to their blade.
Gewehr-forged - (IP) - Warforged that devote everything to ranged weaponry.
Knight of the Archive - (IP) - A knight that protects libraries or other fonts of information with what he learns inside them.
Makai Knight - (IP) - A Knight of good who uses the power of his own demons to fight evil.
Valkyrie Mage Knight - (IP) - A female knight with superior magical and martial abilities.

Magic Prestige Classes
Bigsby's Hand - (C) - An arcane follower of Bigsby that employ's helful floating hands of force.
Reliquary - (IP) - A divine caster who specializes in making magic items
Bowsinger - (IP) - A prestige class for bards who like to make their enemies pincushions
Dragonblood Ascendant - (IP) - For arcane spellcasters who want to actually be a dragon
Zauber-forged - (IP) - Warforged that devote everything to magic.
Sheikah Princess - (IP) - Kingdom Princess by day, helpful ninja by night. Final Duh, a dual persona ninja/divine caster. (Inspired by all Legend of Zeldas)
Armationem Zealot - (NS) - A caster of who unlocks the hidden potential of Magia Erebea Armationem.
Eldritch Nocturne - (NS) - An invoker whose powers are drawn from shadow.
Spell Researcher - (NS) - A spellcaster who has thoroughly researched a select number of spells.

Psionic Prestige Classes
Acolyte of the Mind's Eye - (C) - Even the blind can see if they train their mind.
Diamond Warrior - (C) - A 3.5 update of the PrC of the same name, incorporating the Diamond Mind discipline in Tome of Battle
Blademantle Scion - (C) - A telekinetic warrior whose blades protect and surround him (inspired by Final Fantasy XIII Versus)
Alter Armorer - (IP) - One who creates armor made from the mind and soul. (Inspired by S-Cry-Ed)
Alter Avatar - (IP) - One who creates an avatar of themselves from their mind and their soul. (Inspired by S-Cry-Ed)

Other Prestige Classes
Spiral Warrior - (C) - A warrior that uses the inherent power of Spiral Energy (requires use of Fate Die mechanic).
Soul Weapon - (IP) - A character who becomes the weapon of their soul. (Inspired by Soul Eater)
Star Clan Ninja - (IP) - A Ninja that toes the line between discipline and insanity. (Inspired by Soul Eater)
Flame Haze - (IP) - A devoted servant of a vestige, giving of even his soul to his master. (Inspired by Shakugan no Shana)
Bloody Aria - (NS) - A fighting Sangromancer (Soul Eater, Deadman Wonderland)


Psionic Gem Special Materials - (C) - for those of you who want something other than Deep Crystal weapons
Elemental Special Materials - (C) - A special stones mined from the Elemental planes (or their equivalent).
New Mundane Items and Equipment - (IP) - Items and equipment not yet magical.

Icari Bowblades - (C) - Twin swords wielded by an angel, that connect to become a bow.
Casters and Caster shells - (C) - Weapons designed to shoot spells (inspired by Outlaw star) (precursor to guns in D&D)
Forceblade - (C) - A basic weapon of energy that can harm constructs and undead.
Harpbow - (C) - A magical bow with multiple strings.
Magus Staff - (C) - A staff created for spellcasters who fight in melee.

Wondrous Items:
Taskforce Gloves - (C) - Gloves useful to all those who work in a team.
Phoenix Tails - (C) - A belt of red feathers, gold plates, and ribbons.
Silver Dragon Bracelets/Gauntlets - (IP) - Pure silver bracelets that turn into deadly gauntlets.
Momentum Calciatus - (IP) - Shoes enchanted with the powers surrounding movement.
Regalia of the Storm King - (C) - A group of items left to those who command storms
Claus' Cosmetic Line - (IP) - Magical cosmetic line created by a flamboyant sorcerer.
Fisk Hillflinger Sr.'s Clothing Line - (NS) - Magical clothing line created by a tailoring bard.
Door of the Gatekeeper - (NS) - A magical door that allows your friends to visit from anywhere, and keeps your enemies out.

Item Creatures:
Mechaforged - (IP) - Large constructs created to be giant suits of armor.
Lagann - (IP) - A medium mechaforged that can take over other constructs and channel Spiral energy.
Omega - (NS) - A mysterious mechaforged owned by a great hero.
Escaflowne - (NS) - A large mechaforged armor given to the prince of a foreign land, it is said to be powered by the heart of a dragon.

Hands of Time - (C) - Blades that control time itself.
Armationem Staff - (IP) - A mage's staff that changes to suit the magic used with it.
The Blade Wings - (C) - Wings whose every feather is a weapon.
The Shield Wings - (NS) - Wings whose every feather is a shield.
Cloth of the Valkyrie - (NS) - A battle dress made of the purest mythril.
Noah's Diary - (NS) - A book that could hold an ark full of animals or other things.
Orb of Eximius Effrego Frater - (IP) - An orb that grants its breaker supreme power for a brief moment. (from SSBB)
Unlimited Blade Works - (IP) - A collection of famous weapons.
Fusion Swords - (IP) - A group of swords that connect together to form one more powerful sword. (from FF7)
Core Drill - (IP) - A small drill that unlocks the terrifying potential of Spiral energy.
Blade of the Double Helix - (NS) - A twined blade once wielded by a powerful Spiral Mistress.

Icon Artifact Weapons:
Caex Darastrixen - (C) - The Sword of Dragonfire. (Zolaric)
The Argentum - (IP) - A set of Gauntlets passed down from leader to leader of the Silver Dragon Clan. (Pyrita)
Lightning Coils - (C) - A set of six chakram infused with the power of lightning and magnetism. (Celeris)
Oozora no Tsubasa - (IP) - A feathered harp from the vaults of heaven. (Carmen)
Faultmaker - (NS) - A maul so heavy, it could crack tectonic plates. (Terrence)
Trellis Staff - (NS) - A staff made of an entire living vineyard. (Phyllis)
Shell of Kurma - (NS) - Part of the shell of the turtle that holds up the world. (Nereus)
Fangs of Charybdis - (NS) - Twin bladed whips that are also swords. (Undine)

Artifact Creatures:
Venom Symbiont - (C) - A gooey creature that bonds with a host, enhancing the host's powers and giving it more.
Witchblade - (IP) - A highly inteligent ancient artifact that can be wielded only by women.

Legacy Items:
Manacles of the Core - (IP) - Manacles made by metal extracted from the center of the earth.
Storm Spikes - (IP) - Spiky braclets infused with the powers of a storm.
Crown of the Arcanist - (IP) - A rune covered crown that enhances the arcane mastery of the wearer.
Azura - (IP) - A crystaline blade holding the power of the winds.
Silver Dragon Bracelets - (IP) - Legacy version of the Silver Dragon Bracelets.
Chozo Power Suit Item Set - (IP) - A set of armor, gauntlets and boots gifted to a champion of an ancient civilization.

Characters and Builds

Zolaric Nixagon - PF ver - an arcane spellcaster centered on fire
Pyrita Argentatus - PF ver - a sneaky fist fighter with arcane fire
Celeris Fulger - PF ver - a psionic character centered on speed
Carmen Aurarum - PF ver - a bardic spellcaster who kills with arrows
Terrence of the Rockhorns - PF ver - a Paladarian (I will make it work somehow!) with a big axe.
Arborea of the Roots - PF ver - nature magic plant faerie thing (I don't know)
Nereus Quarius - PF ver - Turtle Fighter
Undine Quarius - PF ver - shadow tentacles?
Bob Von Satyrin III - PF ver - A mysterious satyr with the powers of earth

Zeta Epsilon Rho Omicron(Z.E.R.O) - a warforged supreme master of the sword
Grim - A powerful necromancer
Logan - King of SMACK: Shifter Style
Mirror - He is you and everyone you know
Starwin - Force damage caster extraordinare!
Maekrix - Kobold that aspires to be a dragon! and becomes a follower of Tiamat.
Beatrix - A lancer with an inclination towards unicorns.

Non-D&D Characters in D&D