Main Links
DeviantArt Page -- Link to my art.
Cyberpunk project -- because I am one (to a point).
Zophar's Domain -- because games are also cool.

Dungeons and Dragons Links
Dungeons and Dragons message boards -- because the people there are so cool! (but not anymore since 4th)
Druid's Grove -- Has a really good Character and ability test.
Hypertext d20 SRD -- Its an SRD with the ability to search for stuff
3.5 Feat Index -- 3.5 Spell Index -- 3.5 Prestige Class Index
Easydamus -- Another good, but long character test.
Plothook -- If you want online character sheets, go here.
D&D Wiki -- Massive amount of homebrew material.
The Only Sheet -- A good computer character sheet (but the best one costs money).
DSP-d20-SRD -- A source of good psionic content.

Links of Random Idiocy and Hilarity and Freakin Awesomeness
End of World -- enough said. (warning: profanity)
1001+ Things the worst Party in Eberron is Forbidden from doing -- if you know Eberron this will be the funniest thing you ever read.
DOT DOT DOT -- A flash of a voice track about a review of another flash. Its kinda hilarious.